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DrizzleRO Cash Shop Items

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Cash Shop Items
In order to cover our server expenses, we offer a variety of headgears and costumes for players to purchase when they support our server with donations!

All Cash Shop items are tradeable, which means it is possible for F2P players to have these items as well via the player market and economy.

How do I Donate?
We have several Donation Packages available Here. On the main website, you can donate via this link: DrizzleRO Donations

How do I access the In-Game Cash Shop?
In order to purchase these items, first convert your Drizzle Coins into Drizzle Cash via the Redemption NPC in the Drizzle Paradise map. Then click on the Cash Shop icon at the top-right of the screen to open the Cash Shop.


Gacha Scrolls  & Mystery Boxes


spacer.png Angel Scroll: A scroll that gives a decent chance to get a Unique Headgear, Consumable, or a Valkyrie Scroll. For a list of possible gears, click Here.

spacer.png Devil Scroll: A scroll that gives a much higher chance to get Unique Headgear, Consumable, or a Valkyrie Scroll. For a list of possible gears, click Here.

spacer.png Valkyrie Scroll: A scroll that you can only get from either Angel or Devil Scroll for a low chance. You can get random Legendary Costumes by opening it. For a list of possible gears, click Here.

spacer.png Drizzle Costume Box: A Box containing random costumes from Quests, Hourly, Vote, and PvP Shops. For a list of contents click Here.

Upper Headgear


spacer.png Crown of Deceit [1] ID: 5564 Effect: INT +4, MDEF +10. Reduces variable cast time by 10%. [When refine level is +7~+8] DEF +2, MATK +5%. Additional variable cast time reduces by 5%. [When refine level is +9 or higher] MDEF +5, MATK +5%. Additional variable cast time and after cast skill delay reduces by 5%.

spacer.png Dark Randgris Helm [1] ID: 5373 Effect: Dex + 3, Mdef + 1

spacer.png Hermode Cap [1] ID: 5481 Effect: Aspd +10%, Atk -20, Matk -10%

spacer.png Shrine Maiden Hat [1] ID: 18791 Effect: Increases the damage of Magnus Exorcismus by 30%. Every 2 refine level, increases the damage of Magnus Exorcismus by an additional 5%. If refined to +7 or higher, there is a 5% chance to autocast the learnt level of Heal when receiving physical or magical damage. If refined to +9 or higher, reduces fixed cast time by 1%.

spacer.png Koneko Hat [0] ID: 5372 Effect: INT +1, MATK +3%, Max SP +3%, MDEF + 3. Reduces after-cast skill delay by 3%.

spacer.png Snake Head Hat [1] ID: 5388 Effect: Enables use of Level 5 Double Attack.

spacer.png Flapping Angel Wings [0] ID: 5210 Effect: Increases Attack Speed by 3%. Reduce variable casting time by 3%. INT + 1, AGI + 1

spacer.png Alice Doll [1] ID: 5137 Effect: STR + 1. Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 10%. Inflict the Sleep status on yourself by a low chance.

spacer.png Skull Hood [1] ID: 5667 Effect: Increases tolerance to Undead and Demon monsters by 10%. When refined to +7 or higher, has a chance of adding CRIT +30% and HIT +10 for 10 seconds while physically attacking.

spacer.png Pecopeco Hairband [0] ID: 5286 Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 25%. Decreases Attack Speed by 10%. Increases cast time by 25%.

 spacer.png Ship Captain Hat [1] ID: 5359 Effect: DEX +1, MaxHP +100, Physical ranged attack +7%.

spacer.png Anubis Helm [0] ID: 5490 Effect: Mdef +5, Damage taken from Boss -10%, Healing skills and healing items +10%

5138.png Magic Eyes [0] ID: 5138 Effect: Mdef + 5, Reduce casting time -10%

5376.png Flying Evil Wing [1] ID: 5376 Effect: MaxSP +120, Adds a chance of casting Curse on the user while receiving Physical Damage.

Image Large Baphomet Horns [0] ID: 5518 Effect: Adds 12% tolerance against Demi-Human monster, Increase certain amount of ATK based on wearer's Job level.

Image Gigantic Majestic Goat [0] ID: 5374 Effect: Increases physical damage to the Demi Human monster by 12%, As your Job Level increases,the helm grants additional ATK.

Middle Headgear


spacer.png Red Glasses [0] ID: 5288 Effect: INT + 1

spacer.png Blush of Groom [0] ID: 5800 Effect: Reduces damage from DemiHuman monster by 3%.

spacer.png Angel Spirit [0] ID: 5389 Effect: HIT + 15, STR + 2

spacer.png Sigrun's Wings [0] ID: 5592 Effect: [Swordman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class, Taekwon] Aspd +1, [Mage Class, Acolyte Class, Ninja, Soul Linker] Matk +5, Heal effectiveness +2%., [Archer Class, Gunslinger] Long range physical attack by 2%, [Novice, Super Novice] MaxHP +120, MaxSP +60.

Image Ears Of Ifrit [0] ID: 5421 Effect: Str +1, Int +1, Mdef +3, Increases Fire element magics damage by 3%, Reduces damage taken from Fire element attack by 3%, Increases damage taken from Water element attack by 3%, Increase Bash and Magnum Break damage by 4%.

Image Filir's Pinions [0] ID: 5664 Effect: Aspd +2%.

spacer.png Peco Ears [0] ID: 5358 Effect: Agi + 1, Mdef + 2

Image Robo Eye [0] ID: 5325 Effect: Attack Power +2%, Matk +2%, Dex +1

5471.png Hairband Of Reginleif [0] ID: 5471 Effect: Increase resistance against Water, Fire, Undead and Ghost Property by 3%.

Lower Headgear


spacer.png Well-Chewed Pencil ID: 5574 Effect: HIT + 3   [+Model Training Hat] DEX + 2, DEF + 2

spacer.png Rainbow Scarf ID: 5463 Effect: INT + 1. MDEF + 2. MATK + 1%

spacer.png Spiked Scarf ID: 5462 Effect: VIT + 1. Increase physical damage against Demihuman monster by 1%. Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monster by 1%.

spacer.png Rockhand Model ID: 18643 Effect: STR + 1

spacer.png Paperhand Model ID: 18644 Effect: LUK + 2

spacer.png Scissorhand Model ID: 18642 Effect: AGI + 1

spacer.png Bubble Gum In Mouth ID: ---- Effect: Increases drop rate by 10%.

spacer.png Ninja Scroll ID: 5362 Effect: Matk +1%

5305.png Pirate Dagger ID: 5305 Effect: Atk + 5.

5361.png Gangster Scarf ID: 5361 Effect: Atk + 5, [Rogue Class] Enables use of Level 1 Gangster's Paradise.

5377.png Gentleman's Pipe ID: 5377 Effect: Decreases damage from Demi Human monster by 2%.

spacer.png Father's White Moustache ID: 5155 Effect: Atk + 20.

spacer.png Candy Cane In Mouth ID: 5445 Effect: MaxSP +5

Upper Costume


spacer.png Costume Golden Majestic Goat Effect: Exp + 12%, Drop +8%

spacer.png Costume Drizzle Cap Effect: Exp + 12%, Drop +8%

spacer.png Costume Philippines Cap Effect: Exp + 12%, Drop +8%

spacer.png Costume BJ Headset Effect: Exp + 10%, Drop +8%

Middle Costume


spacer.png Costume Elven Visor Effect: Exp +8%, Drop +8%.

spacer.png Costume Note Headphone Visor Effect: Exp +8%, Drop +8%.

spacer.png Costume Robo Visor Effect: Exp +8%, Drop +8%.

spacer.png Costume Blinking Eyes Effect: Exp +6%, Drop +6%.

spacer.png Costume Smiling Eyes Effect: Exp +6%, Drop +6%.

Lower Costume


spacer.png Costume Protection Cloth Effect: Exp +6%, Drop +6%.

spacer.png Costume Disguise Mantle Effect: Exp +6%, Drop +6%.

spacer.png Costume Book of Magic Effect: Exp +6%, Drop +6%.

Garment Costume


spacer.png Costume Gaint Cat Bag Effect: Increase Max Weight by 20,000.



spacer.png Premium Reset Stone: Used in Resetting Stat points. Click Here for more information about Resetting Stats.

spacer.png Neuralizer: Resets the Skill Tree and gives the corresponding number of Skill Points.

spacer.png Gym Pass: Show this to the Trainer NPC and it will permanently boost your weight capacity by 200 per pass for a maximum of 10 times,

spacer.png Gym Pass Box: A box containing 10 Gym Membership Cards.

spacer.png Enriched Elunium: The rate of refining an armor is increased.

spacer.png Enriched Oridecon: The rate of refining a weapon is increased.

spacer.png Boarding Halter Box: A mysterious halter that can be used to summon a creature to ride on it. The type of creature depends on the Class.

**Items are subject to change without prior notice 

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