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September 2021 Patch

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  • Removed commands @hourlypoints@votepoints and @pvppoints. Use @points to see all points available in-game.
  • @hourlytime command has changed to @hourlyinfo.
  • Magnus Exorcismus can affect other monsters but has lowest damage compared to UNDEAD monsters.
  • Imposito Magnus will also add 5 MATK per Skill level.
  • #trade channel has changed to #market. Please use correct tagging on your #market chats:
    • B> or Buying>
    • S> or Selling>
    • T> or Trading>
  • #support channel has been removed.


  • Anubis' base exp and job exp has been nerfed into half.
  • Anubis spawn rate has been adjusted.\
  • Party Bonus will now be nerfed from 150% to 15%.
  • AFK Leveling timer has been set to 3 minutes.


  • Reduced healer NPC cooldown from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Items from "FAVORITES" tab in inventory are now hidden while selling on npc shops.
  • Removed Healer NPC in NIflheim.
  • Reject Sword skill description and skill patch on hovering skill window has been fixed.
  • New map Drizzle Zone has been added and placed all points shop, donation shop, casino, quests and other custom NPC there.
  • Added new NPC Groot (Branch Room Warper).


  • Arrow Shower has been reverted to its original count of required arrows.


  • Kafra Employee has been added in Izlude Town.



  • Removal of Items from Direct Donation Shop
    • Field Manual 300%
    • HE Bubblegum
    • Convex Mirror
    • Life Insurance
    • Token of Siegfried
    • Elite Siege Supply Box
    • Increase Agility Scroll Box
    • Blessing Scroll Box
    • Bundle of Food
    • Angel Scroll
    • Devil Scroll
  • Removal of Premium System.
  • Removal of Healer/Buffer NPC.
  • Removal of Premium Slotmachine.
  • Removed PVP Essence from Non-Demihuman Headgear (Premium Quest Shop).
  • Adjusted some requirements from Quest Shop headgears.
  • Kafra Teleport Service in Lighthalzen has been enabled. 
  • Aspersio buff will no longer dispeled on warp or teleport
  • Kafra Employee in Drizzle Zone will warp you back on your last map instead of on your Save Point. 
  • Intimacy rate of Homunculus has increased from 1x to 3x.
  • Tension Relax skill description has been fixed. Required level 10 HP Recovery
  • Arrow Shower skill description has been fixed. Removed 10 Arrow Requirements.
  • Imposito Magnus skill description has been fixed. +5 MATK per skill level.
  • Copy Cat npc has been added (Plagiarism NPC).
  • Added @hotkey command allowing user to save current hotkey.


  • Restrain Traps like Ankle Snare will immidiately stop units on the exact cell where the tras has been set.
  • Traps can also affect SELF and TEAM during GVG.
  • Grand Cross self damage has been restored.
  • Restored Poem of Bragi's original buff effect to -50% delay.
  • Holy Weapon/ Armor buffs and Soul Linker Spirit buffs has been removed from warp dispel list.
  • Body Reloc (Monk) can no longer escape Spider Web  and Ankle Snare (PVP & GVG).


  • Updated Quest Shop, Premium Quest Shop and Slotmachine reward items.
  • Increased Battle Manual 300% rewards from Beginner's Package.
  • Fixed Durian effect Duration from 1 minute to 10 minute duration.
  • Updated Growth Pack reward items:
    • Level 10:
      • 2x Veteran Siege Supply Box
      • 3x Battle Manual 300%
      • 3x Job Manual
      • 2x Kafra Card
      • 2x Life Insurance
      • 2x Token of Siegfried
    • Level 20:
      • 5x Durian (+10 Atk and Matk for 5minutes)
      • 3x Elite Siege Supply Box
    • Level 30:
      • 1x Boarding Halter Box 3 days
      • 3x Angelring Potions (Level 5 Blessing and Angelus)
    • Level 40:
      • 2x Elite Siege Supply Box 
    • Level 50:
      • 2x Job Manual
      • 2x Battle Manual 300%
      • 3x Bubblegum
    • Level 60:
      • 2x Bowman Mercenary Scroll
      • 3x Buche De Noe (+3% hp and sp restoration, hit +3, crit +7 for 10 minutes)
    • Level 70:
      • 1x Boarding Halter Box 7days
      • 1x Cloth Dye Coupon
      • 1x Hairstyle Coupon
    • Level 80:
      • 2x Bubblegum
      • 5x Elite Siege Supply Box
    • Level 90:
      • 5x Battle Manual 300%
      • 1x Free Reset Skill Ticket
    • Level 99:
      • 5x Elite Siege Supply Box
      • 10x HE Bubblegum
      • 1x Free Stat Refund Ticket
      • 1x Beginner Costume Box
  • We reduced Brandish Spear attack cell range from 5 cells to 4 cells to prevent hit glitch on mobs, and it is now considered as a Mid-Range skill instead of long-range.


  • We removed Angel and Devil Egg Scrolls from streamer's giveaway and changed to Streamer's Egg Scroll.


  • NEW CLIENT has implemented!
    • New UI, Features and Files
  • Added Cash Shop UI Feature
  • Updated Cash Shop with Direct Donation items.
  • Adjusted Slotmachine rewards.
  • Adjusted slotmachine Poring Token cost to 25,000z.
  • Updated the prizes for "Lottery Ticket" exchange.
  • AUTOLOOT wouldn't work if the monster is not on the player's screen and loots will automatically drop on the ground.
  • Skill Refresher NPC has been added to prontera, to fix player skill issues.


  • Added Non-Tradable Consumables on Vote Shop.
  • Adjusted Bradium Accessories and Spiritual Ring quest requirements.


  • Fixed Guild Storage by adding the Guild Storage Expansion skill on database.
  • Added @killcount command. Usage: @killcount <mobid> or @killcount reset. 
  • Drizzle Zone has been removed and replaced with Drizzle Paradise map.
  • Copy Cat NPC (Plagiarism) service cost has reduced from 10.000z per skill level to 2,000z per skill level.
  • Removed Showcase option from Redemption Guru.
  • Added Drizzle to Cash/Cash to Drizzle option to Redemption GURU to exchange donation currencies.
  • Required Rachel Donation has been nerfed to 1,000 total server donations.


  • Fixed Drizzle Paradise missing map error.
  • Added Safe Refine feature to refiner NPCs.
  • Enabled Kafra teleport on Einbroch and Einbech kafras.
  • Added and Updated "Premium Slot Machine".
  • Fixed Finger Offensive skill. Used to not cast 5 spirit spheres properly and wrong damage calculation.
  • Fixed some Item Move Restrictions text.


  • Fixed behavior of Ground Skills (e.g. Storm Gust, Heaven's Drive, etc..) to work effectively hit mobs within the skill's AOE range when cast from corners.
  • Fixed and adjusted monster chase and line of sight behavior, this allows long-ranged mobs (e.g. Raydric Archer, Skeleton Archer, Cecil Damon, etc..) to be effectively lured.
  • Reinstated Endless Tower.
  • Wickebine's Black Cat Ears has been added to Quest Shop.


  • Removed Casino Employee, Slotmachine and Lottery.
  • Added Cash Shop UI.
  • K.S. Protection behavior has been fixed and set to 2 minute protection. @noks
  • Idle players for 3 minutes will stop recieving item loot from party.
  • Bowling Bash skill has been fixed and will use official gutterline.
  • Pet Friendly Rate has been increased from 1x to 3x.


  • Slotmachines and Casino Employee has been restored and added 25 playing limit.
  • Slightly increase slotmachine success chance to 4%.
  • Reduced price of Poring Tokens to 32,599z.
  • Update Slotmachine rewards and added OBB and removed Gympass.
  • Food Bundle has been reduced from 10 foods to 5 foods per bundle.


  • Added new vote site on our voting page.
  • Moved Civil Registry, Therapist, Surgeon, Stylist  NPCs, Branch Room, Contract Manager inside Drizzle Paradise
  • Added Tool Dealer inside Drizzle Paradise.


  • Poring Token price from Casino Dealer has been reduced to 22,500z.
  • Updated Devovich (Ores to HD Ores Converter) requirements.
    • HD Elunium = 30 Eluniums, 1 Biotite and 50,000z.
    • HD Oridecon = 30 Oridecon, 1 Muscovite and 50,000z.


  • Added more valuable items to the voting shop.
    • 5x Bubblegum - 44 VP
    • 5x HE Bubblegum - 120 VP
    • 5x HE Battle Manual - 100 VP
    • 5x HE Job Manual - 100 VP
    • 5x Kafra Cards - 100 VP
    • 10x ESB Bundle - 120 VP
  • Reduced all Vote Costumes by 10 VP
  • Font Powder Boxes has been reduced to 16 VP
  • Fixed costume required level from costume exchanger and removed Poring Hat Costume.
  • Added Party Config Checker feature.
  • Enabled Cloaking while Hiding (Assassin).
  • Enabled Chase Walk while Hiding (Stalker).
  • Life Insurance effect wont dispel on death.
  • Updated Vote, PVP and Hourly Shops:
    • Permanently Removed Leaf and Miracle Tonic from the server.
    • Removed Speed Potions
    • Removed Token of Siegfried and Kafra Card from Hourly Shop
    • Increase Life Insurance price.
    • Removed all consumables from PVP Shop.
    • Added Recruit Siege and Veteran Siege Boxes on Vote Shop.
  • Party Share EXP is now enabled on MOTD daily event. Required Even Share.


  • MOTD Shared Exp to party member (non-tap) will be only 35% per member while 100% on actualy mob killer (tap).
  • Added Multi-Creation of HD Ores (Devovich) and Ordinary Ores (Dietrich).
  • Added 3 minute idle checker on MOTD event.
  • Added Speed Potion Box (10) to Casino.
  • Fixed Dispel on Warp feature. Player will get dispelled when changing maps and not on using flywings.


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